USPS Monthly Postal Podcast Interview - "Take Me Out to the Mailbox"

Nathan Rueckert

Posted on May 24 2016

Photo Credit: Peter Nowacki, USPS Communications

It's funny what can happen with a simple 'thank you.'  

Last Christmas, I was absolutely slammed with orders.  Several times a week, I filled an entire dolly with Priority Mail packages full of baseball artwork holiday orders.  Side note: what's absolutely amazing about the USPS is that they offer free Priority Mail package pickups....which means my mailman, Donald Shea, was keeping busy to say the least.  

I took a minute to publicly thank Mailman Don on social media for his hard work in the bitter cold temperatures of South Dakota and reminded all my followers to thank their mail carriers this holiday season (see post here).

A few months later, my simple thank you caught the attention of the USPS Communications Department, who felt my unique artwork e-commerce business and my relationship with the USPS would be a great feature in their monthly podcast that gets blasted about 31,000 USPS employees and followers!  Click here to listen to the Your Postal Podcast segment.

In addition, the same transcript is slated to be published in the national USPS magazine next month to about 104,000 employees.  If you work for the USPS, would love to see some selfies with you and the magazine!  Post them here.  

Thank your mailman.  Your police officers.  Your nurses.  Your teachers.  Your spouse.  Your _________.  

A simple thank you can go a long ways.  

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