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Nathan Rueckert

Posted on September 06 2019

Whether you are a baseball program or a charitable organization, fundraising is a essential part of your organization’s success. We know you are bombarded with fundraising opportunities, but we feel our unique and meaningful products would be a great fit for your supporters.  Here are 3 examples of how you could include Baseball Seams Co. in your mix of fundraising opportunities:

1.  Affiliate Sales Program - help sell our products to baseball fans and family and you earn 25% of each sale.  Simply tell your fans to enter your affiliate code at checkout for them to receive FREE shipping on their order and we issue you a check at the end of your funding period for 25% of gross sales.  We’ll even provide you with email templates to send to your email list.  So easy!  

2.  Raffles/Silent Auctions - have a meaningful season?  Send us the baseballs you used during the season and we’ll turn them into meaningful products - anything from small accessories for every player to large, high-end, custom artwork that the whole team can sign.  For every baseball you send us, we give you $2 in store credit towards merchandise.

3.  Unique “Thank you” gifts for Vendors, Sponsors, Coaches - our products are some of the most unique and meaningful products you’ll find on the market and they’re all made right here in South Dakota.  Give a thoughtful gift to someone that has made an impact on your program that they’ll remember forever.  For example, the picture above is our very own South Dakota Little League team that went to the LLWS 2 years ago.  Each child received a framed uniform number artwork thanks to a corporate sponsor in town.  The look on their faces was priceless!  

Below are a few more of our products that appeal to baseball fans of all ages.  

Questions?  Email Nate at and he’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  




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