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“Why Partner With Baseball Seams Co.” -

4 reasons why retailers partner with Baseball Seams Co:

Reason 1 - Experience.  We’ve been providing baseball fans unique gifts for nearly 2 decades. 

Reason 2 - We treat you like family.  We are a family run small business and will come along side you to help market our products through email and social content geared at maximizing your sales potential.

Reason 3 - We make all our products right here in the heartland of the USA.  We believe they are the most creative baseball products on the market.  Plus, we dream up new products every year to keep product displays fresh and innovative.  

Reason 4 - We make it easy.  Our terms are really straight forward and we stand by the quality of our products.  You can order by phone, email or straight through our website.

As Seen On

Our products have sold in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum Shop, 5 different MLB Stadium gift shops, and SkyMall catalog.  We also have been featured by NPR in their national radio holiday gift segment. 

America At The Seams

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Take 2 minutes to learn about the Passion behind Nathan's artwork:


Here at Baseball Seams Co., we take pride in putting the customer first and delivering great products. Check out what a few of our satisfied customers have to say:

Retail Partner Testimonial
"I have worked with Baseball Seams Co. for about five years. In that time, we have sold over 1,300 items. Whether big items like the framed America’s Game or smaller items such as the seams necklaces, their merchandise always stops our customers in their tracks to admire. Baseball Seams Co. truly offers one of a kind, conversation pieces." - Kathryn Macziewski - Owner - A League of Your Own LLC (Sioux Falls, SD)

America’s Game Artwork & Prints
“The artwork is extremely resourcefully done and your love for both America and baseball is beautifully portrayed. I will certainly share this with my collegues in baseball.” – Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball

“I am a huge baseball fan and always looking for cool prints. When I saw [the print], I knew I had to have it. I’m going to give this one to a really good friend of mine. She cried when I showed her pictures of it…I will have to get another one in the near future. I can’t tell you how awesome it is that you made such an awesome display of the national pastime.” - Brittney Benoit, Texas

“Wow! What a great litho and a great idea to do it!” – Harmon Killebrew, former Twins great & HOFer

“My wife works for the Missouri legislature. Her boss, a [Missouri State Representative], was given a print as a gift from Truman State University. Everyone there was blown away by the print…Thanks again and congratulations on a terrific idea.” - Rick Griggs, Missouri

“Thank you for the wonderful artwork. It is a great piece and I am planning on displaying it in my new office.” – Mark Lamping, former President of the St. Louis Cardinals

“Thanks for the great service…the America’s Game looks great and my son loved it. And, it arrived in time for birthday. I do appreciate it. – Karen Steele, Corvallis, OR

“Nathan – love the artwork” – George Brett, former Royals ballplayer and HOFer

America’s Game” T-Shirts
“My wife and I went to the [Detroit] Tigers game tonight. So, when deciding what shirt/jersey to wear for tonight’s game, I saw yours, and I had yet to wear it. Well, needless to say, [Justin] Verlander pitched the no-no!! I cannot begin to explain what an incredible and once in a lifetime experience this was. My wife, forgive her, is just beginning to understand the great and rich history of baseball since marrying me. I explained the whole aura around no-hitters and the perfect game. Detroit has not had one thrown in Detroit since 1952, by Virgil Trucks, and Jack Morris threw one against the White Sox in Chicago in 1984. Anyhow, I just feel unbelievable that I was actually there and was given the opportunity to see one in person! Thanks for the T-Shirt, I have deemed it my lucky shirt and will forever link that shirt to this night. Sincerely an awe struck baseball fan,” - Lance Slatton, MI


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